[OSM-talk] Private roads

Tom Chance tom at acrewoods.net
Thu Jul 12 12:37:23 BST 2007


On Thu, 12 Jul 2007 11:48:06 +0100, "Barnett, Phillip"
<Phillip.Barnett at itn.co.uk> wrote:
> Hold on a moment!
>  At least in Britain, 'private road' does NOT imply access=private - it
> ONLY means that maintainance of the road has not been taken up by the
> local authority, and that it is therefore the duty of the landowners
> adjacent to it to maintain the road. It is still open to traffic -
> although people are often understandably put off using them after seeing
> the word 'private' on any signs. It's a common misconception.

I think in those instances we should tag the roads with something else like
"adopted=no". Let's keep "access=private" meaning "the public can't access
this way".

Un-adopted roads can be rendered like any other road for standard maps.
Private access ways need to be rendered (for reasons already discussed) but
they also need to be clearly labelled as private, otherwise we might get in
trouble with the owners and people who get lost :-)

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