[OSM-talk] Private roads

Simon Hewison simon at zymurgy.org
Thu Jul 12 14:30:46 BST 2007

Stephen Gower wrote:
>>   >in OSM on footpaths where in reality there's not a "No Cycling"
>>   >sign, and therefore cycling is probably allowed
>> If they're public footpaths, then cycling isn't normally allowed.
>   Under what law?  http://www.cyclecraft.co.uk/digest/pushing.html


"The footway at the side of a carriageway can only be used by 
pedestrians." .. .and then goes on to explain how a Local Authority can 
override that rule if it gets appropriately converted under the Cycle 
Tracks Act 1984.

It is quite a clear document, and differentiates between a public 
footpath and a cycle track, bridleways and the like.

Simon Hewison

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