[OSM-talk] Alleyways without RoW (Was: Private roads)

Stephen Gower socks-openstreetmap.org at earth.li
Thu Jul 12 14:58:31 BST 2007

On Thu, Jul 12, 2007 at 02:30:46PM +0100, Simon Hewison wrote:
> It is quite a clear document, and differentiates between a public 
> footpath and a cycle track, bridleways and the like.

  OK, I haven't been precise in my language, I'll restate where I
  need clarification:
  There are urban alleyways around where I live, which connect one
  street to another.  They are not listed on the Definitive Map of
  rights of way in Oxfordshire (I've checked this in the library),
  therefore by the legal definition they are not footpaths.  Since
  they do not run along a carrageway, by the legal definition they
  are not footways.  I contend that it is just as legal to cycle
  along these alleys as walk along them (indeed, in some cases, they
  are marked as recommended routes on the County's cycle maps). 
  Despite not being legal footpaths, they are important routes, so
  they should be mapped on OSM.  Should they be tagged as
  highway=footway or with some other tag?
  However, there is one example I can think of with very obtrusive
  barriers which would prevent all but the most determined cyclist (I
  was determined when I mapped it!) Should this be labeled cycle=no,
  even though legally it is just the same as the other alleyways
  mentioned above?


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