[OSM-talk] import de-duplication

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Jul 12 15:46:04 BST 2007


> Personally, I believe strongly that we should get external data in the
> DB as soon as possible, not review it in JOSM before it is  
> uploaded. It
> can be reviewed in Mapnik / OSMarender / Gosmore perfectly well  
> once it
> is in the db, and fixed with JOSM, Potlatch, the applet, or any other
> editors.

Imi is currently working on mutli-layer capability for JOSM. Without  
knowing exactly what he's doing, I expect the outcome to be very  
useful for import jobs - load OSM data on layer 1, load import data  
on layer 2, and work on import and/or OSM data until you're happy,  
then upload. As long as you have both layers separate, it is much  
easier to work with the data, and potentially throw out some bits  
from one and some bits from the other... the layering is lost once  
you upload the stuff, unless you manage to re-create the layers when  
downloading OSM data ("everything with source=TIGER in extra layer").


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