[OSM-talk] Yahoo approves of JOSM plugin

Andy Robinson Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Jul 12 18:24:59 BST 2007

Mikel Maron wrote:
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>Subject: [OSM-talk] Yahoo approves of JOSM plugin
>Good news from Yahoo. Last month out in SF, I had a chance to discuss the
>issues with Yahoo Maps API and OSM. They've reassessed the use in JOSM, and
>now have given it a green light.
>Here's exactly what they have to say on the issue.
>"On the usage of our Aerials API, again I can reiterate that
> the OSM's
>usage of the free API for overlaying GPS and tracings appears to be well
>within the terms of use.
>To address some other questions that have been raised, we don't see any
>red flags with the GPX files overlays approach that is used by OSM
>community members vs. our restriction on plotting real time GPS
>coordinates or points that are less than 6 hours old. And your other
>question regarding the mechanics of how imagery is cached in a transient
>manner by the OSM tracing app also does not violate the constraint
>preventing capturing individual images for commercial purposes.  Again,
>our assessment is that you're well within the terms of use.
>I hope this helps address some of the concerns of the community, please
>continue to let us know how we can help as things progress."

Great news Mikel.

For clarification with respect to the gpx overlay limit, does this mean that
I would need to wait 6 hours or more before using a gpx trace I've gathered
from a mapping session over the Yahoo imagery? If so then that's a pretty
small restriction but one we should make everyone aware of.



Andy Robinson
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