[OSM-talk] Survey: How to pay the OSM bill

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Thu Jul 12 19:50:10 BST 2007

Nick Whitelegg wrote:
>> But this is exactly what people don't want to happen.  The share alike 
>> component means that if you use my mapping to make your book then you 
>> have to make your book available in the same way that the mapping was 
>> (or possibly the maps in your book)
> The maps in the book seem fine. However to have to make the whole *book* 
> subject to the same licence seems rather lacking in common sense. I'd hope 
> OSM would be available to small book publishers as a free source of maps.

 From a recent discussion on the cc-licenses list regarding the use of 
photographs as illustrations I believe that using maps as an 
illustration wouldn't require the rest of the book to be licenced BY-SA.

This is because the book isn't a derivative of the map.

So OSM maps are safe to use in books or magazines. Or on television 
programmes. And if any third parties want nicely prepared maps for their 
books or magazines or TV shows I'm sure they can pay OSM for them.

(For those of you who are familiar with Free Software licences; BY-SA 
works more like the LGPL than the GPL.)

I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice.

- Rob.

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