[OSM-talk] SOTM Tagging

John McKerrell john at mckerrell.net
Sun Jul 15 20:15:00 BST 2007


Well I'm now back home after the "State of the Map" conference (I had  
one of the shorter journeys). I think we all agreed it was a great  
weekend. I just wanted to suggest that anyone uploading photos or GPX  
traces, or posting blog posts etc. might like to use the tag "sotm"  
and/or "sotm2007". If we do this it'll make it much easier to keep  
track of what people's opinions and experiences were of the  
conference (and will be useful for the people who couldn't attend  
too). Tagging the GPX traces will be quite cool though as it will  
allow us to do a map showing how far people travelled to get to  
Manchester (assuming you have a trace of your journey).

Thanks to everyone for arranging, speaking at and even attending the  
conference. It was really good to meet you all.


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