[OSM-talk] Potential problems moving/depreciating map features tags.

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Jul 16 09:16:34 BST 2007


>> I think we should alter the proposal process for new features to  
>> state
>> that details about rendering must be part of the proposal. So, for
>> icons an example should be included, for roads a CSS snippet.
>> This would make it easier for renderers to include new features,  
>> since
>> they don't then need to make them thmselves...
> Yes definitely, this would make it much much easier for the people  
> doing the
> rendering stuff to add new features. And this also might shorten  
> the time it
> takes until new features will be rendered.

We can do that, however it must be clear that this can only ever be a  
suggestion and is not binding for the people working on the  
renderers. Firstly, not every renderer may even be capable of  
displaying what the proposal asks for (and I doubt that when  
proposing something, you really want to add Osmarender XML, and  
Mapnik XML, and rules for the osm2ps renderer, and a color set for  
gosmore, and...). Secondly, the people working on the renderers might  
have a different view ;-)


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