[OSM-talk] RFC: geodesy=pillar

Andy Robinson Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk
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Iván Sánchez Ortega wrote:
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>Hi there,
>Anybody attending SotM should have heard Steve Chilton in "Map Room 101"
>me, talking about those big chunks of rock in the middle of nowhere that
>used by topographers as points of reference. For those who didn't attend
>SotM, have a looky at the photos here:
>Call them triangulation pillars, call them geodetic vertices, call them how
>you like. Fact is, I'm gonna upload a few thousand of them in a couple of
>So, I'm proposing the following tags to be applied on nodes:
>geodesy = pillar
>Depicts a geodetic (or geodesic) pillar

If they are pillars then that’s fine. If a more general term is required how
about geodesy = station or survey_station

>geodesy:network = foobar
>Several pillars together form a geodetic network, which usually has a name.

This works but not sure a namespace is really required. Perhaps also
consider geodetic_network=

>geodesy:reference = 1234
>Pillars in the same network are identified by a reference number.

Same as above. Perhaps geogdetic_ref=

But anyway, it's not that critical to get it perfect. The tags can always be
mapped to other tags later (eg for a STAGS type approach). Whichever you or
I have suggested its obvious what's implied.



>So, any comments on this?
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