[OSM-talk] Stockport Emotion Map

Christian Nold christian at softhook.com
Mon Jul 16 23:55:44 BST 2007

Hi all

Just a quick announcement. We are starting a new project, the  
Stockport Emotion Map. Feel free to come along or invite people who  
might be interested.
There is a proper poster on the project website.


What will be happening?

The Stockport Emotion Map project consists
of three activities that investigate the town centre
at different scales from our bodies to buildings.

Bio Mapping
Come and get wired up with a portable
Lie Detector and map your emotional responses
to your environment. How will different places
make you feel? What will the communal emotion
map look like?

Sensory Mapping
We perceive our surroundings using our 5 senses.
What happens when we explore our environment
without sight and sound? Come and make a smell
map of Stockport!

Experimental Mapping
Come and take part in creatively documenting
and re-imagining Stockport. Share your personal
stories of the local area and create some novel
maps! Everyone from young, old and in-between
is welcome.

Your input will be part of a piece of art work that
will be distributed in Stockport and will inform
future change in the town.

Thursday 19th July 2007
2pm - 5:30pm Bio Mapping (closed)

Friday 20th July 2007
10am - 5pm Experimental Mapping (drop in at Stockport market)
6pm - 8pm Sensory Mapping youth workshop (closed)

Saturday 21st July 2007
12pm - 5pm Experimental Mapping (drop in at Stockport market)
12pm - 2pm Sensory Mapping (booking required)

Sunday 22nd July 2007
12pm - 3:30pm Bio Mapping (booking required)

Saturday 18th August 2007
To be announced

Christian Nold

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