[OSM-talk] Recording completeness

Dan Moore writetodan at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 17 07:34:55 BST 2007

Chris, talk,

i been thinking, based on SOTM talks, of the importance of stubs w.r.t. 
completeness - that is the marking of the starts of side roads and tagging them 
as 'incompletely mapped, continues on down that way some'.

in extension of what you're saying, in areas where _all_ stubs were mapped:
(i) a completeness boundary could be derived
(ii) we (and, importantly, others) can tell where to complete the map
(iii) with appropriate rendering, the incomplete map is more useful to end users

to put it another way, in trying to complete our maps it's much more powerful to
survey fewer roads and capture all stubs, than it is to complete as many roads
as possible, which is perhaps the instinct (what do people do now?).  it may
even be worthwhile to go out and retro-stub...

in summary it's more effort to capture all stubs but, if standard practice, i think 
it would be a useful tool in tracking and gaining completeness.

cheers, dan.

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> Completeness boundaries would be ways in the the main data base so that 

> contributors can push the boundaries on a day to day basis. A boundary 

> [...]

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