[OSM-talk] Tagging university roads

Adam Schreiber sadam at clemson.edu
Tue Jul 17 00:08:28 BST 2007

On 7/16/07, Alex Mauer <hawke at hawkesnest.net> wrote:
> Adam Schreiber wrote:
> > I've tagged the roads at my university as highway=tertiary.
> > Restricted roads would be listed as "service" though.
> That seems completely inappropriate to me, unless they're actually
> tertiary roads (i.e. bigger than residential/unclassified, smaller than
> secondary).  There's a greater difference between tertiary and service,
> than the access restrictions.

Description for service:
generally for access to a building, motorway service station, beach,
campsite, industrial estate, business park, etc. This is also commonly
used for access to parking and trash collection. Sometimes called an
alley, particularly in the US.

This is a totally inappropriate description of the roads at my university.

Description for tertiary:
A "C" road in the UK. Generally for use on roads wider than 4 metres
(13') in width, and for faster/wider minor roads that aren't A or B
roads. In the UK, they tend to have dashed lines down the middle,
whereas unclassified roads don't.

The roads on my university's campus are 2 lane roads (~16 ft) with
solid double lines.  I have no idea what constitutes a C road in the
UK but if the above doesn't fit I suppose unclassified would be a
better fit than service.


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