[OSM-talk] State of the Map - Feedback

Håkon Arneng Holmstedt hakon.a.holmstedt at hiof.no
Tue Jul 17 12:38:34 BST 2007

80n wrote:
> While it is still fresh in everyones memory I would be very 
> interesting in getting feedback about this year's conference.  This 
> will help to make an even better conference next year.
> Any comments would be very welcome, but constructive criticism would 
> be the most useful feedback.
> Some questions:
> 1 Was it useful?
Yes! Lots of new ideas, lots of faces to put on names, lots of 
interesting and amazing projects that I would never have heard about 

> 2 Would you attend again next year?
Given the oppurtunity, I'll come anywhere you set up a conference.
> 3 What was good about the conference?
The people, the chance to really see what's going on in the OSM-world, 
and a little bit of the larger mapping world.

The beer.
> 4 What was bad about the conference?
The panel-debate. It should not only have been longer to allow for 
actual debate, but it should have started out differently. A licence is 
a tool, so deciding on one means that we first need to figure out what 
we want with the project. The licence-debate cannot be meaningfull 
unless we know what we want the licence to do for us. Start there.
> 5 Was it good value for money?
> 6 Should it have been longer?
I don't know. Too many pros and cons for my fragile mind to consider...
> 7 Was the food OK?
Yup. :)
> 8 Was the beer OK?
Absolutely. Although on the first night, I would have appreciated it if 
anybody would have warned me that Strongbow was _not_ a beer....
> 9 Where should it be held next year?
Either somewhere with little or no OSM coverage, but then we need enough 
time to organize some mapping missions, or somewhere with comprehensive 
OSM, and then we could use the maps for all kinds of things like helping 
people find their way, advertisement, etc.
> 10 Any other comments?
Thanks for a great weekend!

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