[OSM-talk] State of the Map - Feedback

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Jul 17 12:21:41 BST 2007


> 1 Was it useful?

As with most conferences probably, the biggest "use" for me was that  
I had the chance to get to know loads of people personally. It was  
very useful in this respect. The use would have been even greater if  
I had arrived earlier on Friday and stayed until Monday ;-)

> 2 Would you attend again next year?

Yes, probably, time and money permitting.

> 3 What was good about the conference?

Worms, drugs, beer, and wiggly maps. Honestly, I found Barry's  
presentation outstanding in that it showed how you can not only head  
in the usual direction of "world mapping domination" but there's also  
an artistic component to it.

I also liked the fact that we had at least three people with a solid  
cartography background from whom we can learn a lot (and who might  
help us making our maps better than what others have). These things  
make you look beyond your everyday OSM tasks.

> 4 What was bad about the conference?

I was unhappy with the legal panel because it was just long enough to  
present some views but there was no chance to really work something  
out; I felt that a lot of things were still unsaid when it ended  
after one hour. Maybe this was just wrong expectations on my side.  
The panel definitely served to make people aware of some problems  
we're having.

> 5 Was it good value for money?

Even adding flight an accomodation expenses, I'd definitely say so.

> 6 Should it have been longer?

Diffcult question. Yes of course, that way one could talk to even  
more people and have a full-day legal panel ;-) but on the other  
hand, many people, myself included, could perhaps not attend full  
time and would always miss something interesting. I think it might be  
best to stick with the two-day event.

> 7 Was the food OK?

Very good. The lunch thing was a bit strong on the dead-animals side  
and as a vegetarian I would have liked a bit of cheese but everything  
else was outstanding.

> 8 Was the beer OK?

I forgot.

> 9 Where should it be held next year?

It would be really cool to hold it somewhere where there's  
practically no OSM mapping, then we could do a "blitz mapping" event  
on Friday. But by next year there won't be any such places that can  
easily be reached... Hong Kong maybe ;-)?


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