[OSM-talk] Routing algorithms and areas

Nic Roets nroets at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 12:46:49 BST 2007

> Problem is, the road leading to the parking is not connected to the footpath,
> so they do not make a network "per se".

I don't have anything planned for gosmore. Currently it includes
special code to find the ways nearest to each endpoint. This endpoint
code won't help much if your at the entrance to the square, but it
should work OK once you're near the correct exit.

So adding service roads like Jamie suggests is a good idea, esp.
because it also shows where the entrance is. This is not only an issue
for parking, but also for fueling stations and other amenities that
will be usefull when you ask the routing program to take you to the
nearest e.g. fueling station.

What's needed are router "hints" or verbal commands embedded in the
tags of ways. If the router decides the user must use a certain way it
will display and / or utter the contents of the hint. Since most ways
are bidirectional, we need 2 tags, say "route_forward" and
"route_backward". The latter will be ignored for "oneways". (Pls add
to proposed features).

This will not only help with spagetti juctions, but also help with
squares : The footway at the Southern gate of the square can e.g. be
tagged route_forward="Exit at the fountain" and when the user hears it
he will hopefully ignore the fact that the router is displaying a
footpath around the perimeter of the square.

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