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Tue Jul 17 18:29:06 BST 2007

On 7/17/07, 80n <80n80n at gmail.com> wrote:
> While it is still fresh in everyones memory I would be very interesting in
> getting feedback about this year's conference.  This will help to make an
> even better conference next year.
> Any comments would be very welcome, but constructive criticism would be
> the most useful feedback.
> Some questions:
> 1 Was it useful?

Yes, very stimulating and good to meet many of the people that make put so
much into the community.

2 Would you attend again next year?


3 What was good about the conference?

The high point for me was Barry's animations and drop shadow effects.

4 What was bad about the conference?

Not enough sleep.   No time to do any mapping.

5 Was it good value for money?

Yes, could have been twice the price ;)

6 Should it have been longer?

2 days is long enough to sit in a conference room, but could have had some
mapping party/hacking days before or after .

7 Was the food OK?

Would have liked coffee / bacon sandwiches / donuts / whatever first thing
in the morning.

8 Was the beer OK?

Yes.  The KRO bar worked for me.

9 Where should it be held next year?

Liechtenstein, Canada, Geneva, Warsaw, Gibraltar, Tangiers, A castle on the
Rhein, Lugano, Rome, Athens, Kusadasi, Bratislava, ...

10 Any other comments?

I'm wondering if the conference could be embedded inside an OSM Mapping
Festival (or arranged to coincide with an established transport festival /
craft fair type of thing - but it might be hard to find an event that has
exactly the right flavour).  A mapping party/festival might have wider
appeal than just an academic/scientific style conference and would build on
the success of this year's conference.

Please post your answers to the mailing list in this thread, unless you have
> very specific personal comments in which case you should send them to me
> privately off-list.
> 80n
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