[OSM-talk] Southwest UK mapping party

Nick Whitelegg nick at hogweed.org
Tue Jul 17 20:44:27 BST 2007

> I'm also "penciling-in" a week of Devon/North Cornwall exploration in the
> weekend of 31 August - 3rd September
> The southwest of england has long been a white area on the OSM map of
> england, and anyone wishing to critisize OSM finds it very easy to say
> "just look at devon/cornwall" when illustrating our lack of completeness.
> This will probably be a rural mapping event (my aim is to visit as many
> coastal and fishing villages as I can).

> If you prefer urban areas however, there are many including Exeter and
> Taunton that have
> For anyone in the geograph.org.uk website there are many of your "green
> squares" in that area, places with fewer than one Creative Commons photos
> per square kilometer.
> Countryside mappers have 692km² of Exmoor to visit - can you create a map
> which lets people navigate this wild area?  More importantly, can you trade
> copiable maps for cream teas at the local shops?

Would really like to do this, but can do *any weekend in the next few months 
except* that one! (and Aug 11/12). Are you willing to change it?


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