[OSM-talk] State of the Map - Feedback

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Jul 18 13:23:39 BST 2007


> I'm also thinking that the way OSM is moving, becoming more focused on
> editing, maintaining, increasing user base, crossing the chasm,
> towards more consumers, etc a Mapping Festival may well be something
> for the future, showcasing OpenStreetMap and other cool OS mapping
> projects, whilst still having a series of talks. Possibly then
> exhibition space might be good.

Yes, I felt that even this time we had a big "show and tell"  
component ("look what cool things I did/could do with OSM data").  
These things would be quite appealing to OSM outsiders as well I  
believe, so if they were presented not (only?) in a lecture but  
(also?) in an exhibition that would be great. However having proper  
exhibition "booths" like LinuxTag however would tie down too much  


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