[OSM-talk] State of the Map - Feedback

tim chippy2005 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 12:47:30 BST 2007

> Some questions:
> 1 Was it useful?


> 2 Would you attend again next year?

> 3 What was good about the conference?
Meeting folks, seeing all the activity of the various strands of osm,
from wiggly roads to cartographic points, in one place

> 4 What was bad about the conference?
some more time to do some informal hacking / mapping / workshops

> 5 Was it good value for money?
Definitely! .

>  6 Should it have been longer?
As above, possible an optional "workshop" day might work

> 7 Was the food OK?
Yeah, it was fine. Coffee in the morning, and biccies would have been nice.

> 8 Was the beer OK?
Yep, nice large venue.

> 9 Where should it be held next year?
European city by a lake, or a Mediterranean island.

> 10 Any other comments?
I'm also thinking that the way OSM is moving, becoming more focused on
editing, maintaining, increasing user base, crossing the chasm,
towards more consumers, etc a Mapping Festival may well be something
for the future, showcasing OpenStreetMap and other cool OS mapping
projects, whilst still having a series of talks. Possibly then
exhibition space might be good. Parallel streams could then be in
place (i.e. OSM Applications, Technical Nuts and Bolts, Organisational
& Community etc)

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