[OSM-talk] "Asking is worth it": Maps of the commune of Samt donated

Immanuel Scholz imi at eigenheimstrasse.de
Thu Jul 19 11:14:11 BST 2007

As just arrived in talk-de, the chief officer of the commune "Samt" (in
Oberharz, Germany) has made all maps available to the commune
administration to Thomas Krüger.

He just asked, talked a bit and after the officer got the answer to "And
then we can use the maps without paying fees?", his interest escalated,
as the city major already requested street maps multiple times before.

Thomas leaved the office with two 1:2000 maps, A2 sized and will get
more maps of the city center next week, after they have been copied.

The chief officer suggested a feature to be able to click on POIs.

Ciao, Imi.

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