[OSM-talk] Preview: national cycle network map

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Thu Jul 19 12:05:15 BST 2007


I think this cycle mapping is excellent. I had already entered both local
and national cycle route data for Ipswich and surroundings and this will
give me an incentive to continue it. Lets see if we can get N51 to link
between Cambridge and Ipswich and all the way to Harwich (via Felixstowe),
and I will also push N1 out to the North and a bit to the South.  


A few points:


Firstly please can you fade down primary and trunk roads to grey or
something; you are currently using the colour channel to both emphasis main
cycle routes (in red) and main car routes (in red and green) and that is
very confusing to the eye. You may also think bout making the main roads
thinner and main cycle routes fatter to emphasise the same point.


Can we have cycle racks indicated? We have a consultation going on in
Ipswich for a major revamp of cycle parking and this would be very useful.


In Cambridge it looks as though the cycle route 'ways' are separate from the
road 'ways', whereas in Ipswich there is only ever one way for any one
segment. Can you enlighten us on what is 'normal' and what you would


I have been encoding local cycle routes using lcn-ref and I am pleased that
these are showing up as blue on the map. Are the folk in London using the
same tag or a different one?


Is there a way of indicating that a road is good for cycling even if it
doesn't have a route number? If I tagged important and useful roads for
cycling with cycle=yes would you be able to render those as local cycle
routes (in 'blue'?) or is there a better tag.


Can you indicate if this is a service that you will be keeping up to date
each week or if it is a one off experiment?








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