[OSM-talk] Preview: national cycle network map

Dave osm.list at randomjunk.co.uk
Thu Jul 19 15:21:37 BST 2007

> Firstly please can you fade down primary and trunk roads to grey or

> Can we have cycle racks indicated? We have a consultation going on in
> Ipswich for a major revamp of cycle parking and this would be very useful.

Is there a tag for these? Or more to the point, have you been tagging
them as something? If they exist in the database then of course they
can be added.

> In Cambridge it looks as though the cycle route 'ways' are separate from the
> road 'ways', whereas in Ipswich there is only ever one way for any one
> segment. Can you enlighten us on what is 'normal' and what you would
> recommend?

I don't know what 'normal' is. But we've been adding ncn_ref and
lcn_ref to the existing street/cycleway ways. This makes sense to me
as its a property of the road that the ncn route goes along it. It
makes it possible to auto-describe the route too, giving road names

> I have been encoding local cycle routes using lcn-ref and I am pleased that
> these are showing up as blue on the map. Are the folk in London using the
> same tag or a different one?

We (me & andy) were using lcn_ref for "London Cycle Network" which has
lots of signs with nice logos around here. But yeah, L for Local works
too, and the LCN is local to London...

Red was chosen for NCN because the signs are in red, and blue for LCN
because the signs are in blue.

> Is there a way of indicating that a road is good for cycling even if it
> doesn't have a route number? If I tagged important and useful roads for
> cycling with cycle=yes would you be able to render those as local cycle
> routes (in 'blue'?) or is there a better tag.

Use any of the cycleway tags if there is a cycle lane. If not, but
it's just a nice quiet road, maybe:
or something along those lines... I'm rubbish at naming.

There's nothing currently being done with cycleway=lane etc, but it'll
be on the TODO list.

> Can you indicate if this is a service that you will be keeping up to date
> each week or if it is a one off experiment?

It's very much at the tweaking stage at the moment.
See how it goes, but it should be a reasonably automated thing to
manage, as long as there is enough processing power to pre-render the
pieces wanted.

For the maps that are there (UK 7-13, London 7-15), it currently takes
about 5 hours on a Athlon64 3400 to render it. Which isn't bad all
things considered (about 5 tiles a second). It then takes about an
hour to rsync the tiles onto the webhost.

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