[OSM-talk] For the foundation AGM

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Jul 19 14:52:09 BST 2007


> My thought was that all things should be discussed here, then set to a
> vote at the AGM without much (or even any) further debate because the
> debate would have already happened, and most of the votes would have
> been decided in advance and be done by proxy.

I don't think a "democatic" principle by which only Foundation  
members would be able to vote and in which vote results would remain  
in place unchallenged until next year would do the project any good.

I say, let the foundation AGM decide about those things that are  
really Foundation business, like who's the boss and who else has  
something to say in the Foundation, what to do with Foundation money,  
etc. - but that's it. You can discuss and, if you want, vote about  
where the Foundation wants the project to go, but do not assume that  
this must somehow automatically be the way the project really goes.

I have had my share of situations (outside OSM) when I suggested  
something only to be told "this policy was voted in place by 51 to 49  
on the last AGM, if you want to change it, make a proposal for next  
year's AGM, and please keep silent until then".

I am not against the Foundation, I think it will be useful in many  
ways, but the very last thing a dynamic project like ours needs is a  
situation in which the most important decisions are only made once a  


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