[OSM-talk] Rendering of subterranean streams

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Sat Jul 21 08:07:53 BST 2007

I think it would be useful to be able to distinguish between artificial and
natural tunnels.


can be rendered just like any other path through a tunnel.  An additional
qualifier, such as natural=yes could then be used to distinguish between
artificial culverts and natural underground rivers.

The River Mole http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/River_Mole,_Surrey is one such
example of a river that flows naturally underground for some of its distance
(hence the name).


On 7/21/07, Thomas Krüger <openstreetmap.org at nospam.nowire.org> wrote:
> Corey Burger schrieb:
> > It is also common in urban areas for streams to be culverted for some
> > stretches and open in others. See:
> You are right, this is common in urban areas. But these streams and
> rivers are going underground in the middle of nowhere.
> I know I shouldn't care too much about it, but the system of ponds and
> streams called the "Oberharzer Wasserregal" is a major tourist arraction
> and should not look "uncompleted".
> The major questions are:
> 1. Does it make sense?
>    (In my context it does.)
> 2. How complex is the implemation?
> Thomas
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