[OSM-talk] JOSM latest Add tags

Andy Robinson Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Jul 21 13:31:35 BST 2007

David Earl wrote
>Sent: 21 July 2007 12:16 PM
>To: OSM
>Subject: [OSM-talk] JOSM latest Add tags
>In the Add Tags dialogue in the latest JOSM I like very much the ability
>to type just the first character to get to the entry I want (selected
>from thosealready present in the data, I think) on the menus (more
>keyboard less mouse the better - much quicker).
>BUT, it is virtually impossible to add a new value where the first
>character is the same as an existing value. It keeps overwriting. And if
>you type one too many letters in something that does match, it starts
>matching as if the extra letter were the first letter.
>e.g. I type 'n' and get 'name' in the tag key; then TAB to the value. OK
>so far. I type 'C' to start typing 'Caxton Road' or some such, and it
>comes up with 'Cambourne Road' with it all selected. Then I type 'a' and
>it deletes the name and replaces it with 'a' (or a match, such as
>'abracadabra' if one exists. If you deselect at key points, which
>depends entirely on what is already in the list of names you can get it
>to work, but it is enormously fiddly.
>It's also a bit tricky to select the later entries from a group starting
>with the same letter (you an press down arrow, but again you have to
>watch the varying contents of the menu to do it just at the right time -
>if you type one too many characters it deletes the contents and starts
>again. e.g. type 'n' and you get name, but type 'na' and you get
>'abutters'. If you type one more letter than is strictly necessary, it
>puts you back to square one.
>If it matched on everything you typed, it would be fine. Let's say you
>have Camb..., Cata..., Caxt... already on the menu. Type C, you get
>'Camb...'; type the letter 'a' you still get Camb...; type 't' moves on
>one to 'Cata...', type 'h' and it shows only 'Cath' (unselected) because
>it is not on the menu, and would then continue to let you continue to
>type the new entry. If you type more letters than strictly necessary to
>match, it would also still work.

I'm struggling with the same issue, especially for entering street names
which of course are generally always different from the selection available.
I'm using 290



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