[OSM-talk] JOSM latest Add tags

David Earl david at frankieandshadow.com
Sat Jul 21 12:15:39 BST 2007

In the Add Tags dialogue in the latest JOSM I like very much the ability 
to type just the first character to get to the entry I want (selected 
from thosealready present in the data, I think) on the menus (more 
keyboard less mouse the better - much quicker).

BUT, it is virtually impossible to add a new value where the first 
character is the same as an existing value. It keeps overwriting. And if 
you type one too many letters in something that does match, it starts 
matching as if the extra letter were the first letter.

e.g. I type 'n' and get 'name' in the tag key; then TAB to the value. OK 
so far. I type 'C' to start typing 'Caxton Road' or some such, and it 
comes up with 'Cambourne Road' with it all selected. Then I type 'a' and 
it deletes the name and replaces it with 'a' (or a match, such as 
'abracadabra' if one exists. If you deselect at key points, which 
depends entirely on what is already in the list of names you can get it 
to work, but it is enormously fiddly.

It's also a bit tricky to select the later entries from a group starting 
with the same letter (you an press down arrow, but again you have to 
watch the varying contents of the menu to do it just at the right time - 
if you type one too many characters it deletes the contents and starts 
again. e.g. type 'n' and you get name, but type 'na' and you get 
'abutters'. If you type one more letter than is strictly necessary, it 
puts you back to square one.

If it matched on everything you typed, it would be fine. Let's say you 
have Camb..., Cata..., Caxt... already on the menu. Type C, you get 
'Camb...'; type the letter 'a' you still get Camb...; type 't' moves on 
one to 'Cata...', type 'h' and it shows only 'Cath' (unselected) because 
it is not on the menu, and would then continue to let you continue to 
type the new entry. If you type more letters than strictly necessary to 
match, it would also still work.


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