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spaetz osm at sspaeth.de
Mon Jul 23 11:45:28 BST 2007

On Fri, Jul 20, 2007 at 05:26:01PM +0100, mike wrote:
> I appreciate the situation with t at h at the moment.  I don't really
> understand what the problem is, but there's obviously a lot of people
> interested so I'm sure it will be resolved.

The current problem is that the box' disks are already rotating faster than they are able to, so uploading and downloading yet another layer of tiles will probably kill it, unless there are some structural changes made. (It is both mySQL reading/writing the disk like crazy and tons of tile files being up/downloaded simultanously.) I think we can still get it moving. Here is what I propose to get the cycle situation moving forward:

1) Get an SVN account (they are totally separate from dev accounts) which enables you to check stuff in. There you should put and and develop all the cycle style sheets that you need. I guess this is what you actually mean by "dev account". I believe only Nick Hill can hand them out currently.

2a) For now host the cycle layer yourself, if that is possible for you. You would need to ask 80n to modify informationfreeway.org to have the existing cycle at home layer point to the tiles you host. OpenLayers which is used there can pull in layers from a different box, so things should work transparently for the user. 

or 2b)
> What I would like to do is host some cycle layer tiles, and get the cycle
> layer rules files into svn, and then start some discussion around the
> rendering rules and tagging methods before rendering a larger area.

That sounds also feasable and good, actually OJW has an experimental cycle layer set up on the dev server. So people with an tile uplod account can actually already upload cycle tiles. Again that upload account is different from an account on the dev machine.

So all the ingredients are there. What needs to be done is:
1) ask NickH for an SVN account
2) ask OJW for an tile upload account and ask him how to upload to that cycle layer (it's one easy knob in the t at h configuration file, I think).
3) use t at h with the cycle style sheets you developed and upload those tiles to the dev server.
4) look at tiles in the cycle layer, like that one http://informationfreeway.org/?lat=51.61194524152171&lon=7.514990132567348&zoom=12&layers=0000FB0 and have the community discuss and improve them.

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