[OSM-talk] [OSM-dev] Howto: "Download to current layer" in josm-latest

Ulf Lamping ulf.lamping at web.de
Tue Jul 24 01:46:41 BST 2007

Immanuel Scholz schrieb:
>> There has been a bit of talk of adding an extra option to download to  
>> the current layer.
> Just click on the "Merge down" button in the layer dialog when the newly
> downloaded layer is selected.
> This will merge the selected layer with the one below and give you
> exactly the old behavior of "download to current layer".
> Because of it's so easy to achieve the old way, I've postponed the
> implementation of an explicit checkbox. ;)
What's the benefit for a common user to use multiple layers?!?

I'm not talking about merging external (e.g. AND) data into osm, but the 
pretty common workflow:
- load a gpx file
- zoom into it (because the bounding box or the amount of data will 
otherwise be too large)
- load data from osm
- edit
- move map around
- load data from osm (merge)
- edit
- upload to osm

I guess this is the common workflow for 90% of the users? If I'm right, 
you're making the 90% case much more complicated (e.g. you have to KNOW 
that there are multiple layers and you have to KNOW how to merge them to 
get the same behaviour as before), to ease the 10% (or less) case of 
actual merging data or other things doing with multiple layers.

I'm not against multiple data layers as they really have their value in 
some cases, but the default behaviour should remain as before. The 
download box should have a checkbox "load into new layer" but with the 
default set to OFF.

Regards, ULFL

P.S: It's often a good idea, to implement new features disabled by 
default, which can be enabled by Preferences or checkboxes in the GUI. 
This way, most users are not disturbed in the way they do things and 
interested users can try it out and give feedback! This usually gives a 
much smoother "transition" to the new feature than "forcing" everyone to 
use it "right now".

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