[OSM-talk] [OSM-dev] Howto: "Download to current layer" in josm-latest

Immanuel Scholz imi at eigenheimstrasse.de
Tue Jul 24 10:44:01 BST 2007

>> Because of it's so easy to achieve the old way, I've postponed the
>> implementation of an explicit checkbox. ;)
> What's the benefit for a common user to use multiple layers?!?

Don't know. Maybe better organizing their data.

What's the benefit to use JOSM at all? Originally, JOSM was designed for
the power user while beginners use the applet or (as the applet is
deprecated now) potlatch.

I liked the way to download to a seperate layer to get better control of
when I downloaded what..

> - load a gpx file
> - zoom into it (because the bounding box or the amount of data will 
> otherwise be too large)
> - load data from osm
> - edit
> - move map around
> - load data from osm (merge)
> - edit
> ...
> - upload to osm
> I guess this is the common workflow for 90% of the users?

Ok, So I've added the g'old "Download to new Layer" checkbox to the
download dialog.

I'm not very happy with this checkbox solution and it will most probably
vanish again, but as I may not find the time to code it right now, I go
for the short-term solution.

> If I'm right, you're making the 90% case much more complicated

Pressing one button is not complicated.

No, honestly. I don't want to burden every user of JOSM to know every
feature, but I think multiple layers will become a more central feature
over time, so I like to introduce it to users early.

Clipboard layer, Conflict layer, History layers, Data Layers from
different servers.. I plan to use layers much more stuff, as they fit
much more naturally into JOSM than the current way of doing it.

E.g. the conflict dialog has some sort of invisible layer showing the
conflicting nodes in case they are on an other position. Very nasty code).

> I'm not against multiple data layers as they really have their value in 
> some cases, but the default behaviour should remain as before.

The default behavior should be that what makes most sense, not necessary
the same what was there before.

Ciao, Imi.

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