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> One map - the mapnik rendering (as it stands at the moment this

> represents the data in the most professional manner IMO).

> Niche stuff like cycle-specific output (which you [AndyA] recently

> nicely previewed), etc should be supported but not necessarily hosted on

> core OSM hardware. CTC, Sustrans (whose online maps I have NOT been

> impressed by) etc asked to put funding up for this perhaps.


> And in answer to Tom C's points in separate email:

> Yes it should not be so hidden. Maybe someone could highlight the

> technique for producing URL with separate marker and centre locations if

> it is not on wiki.

> Provision of a key was touched on at SOTM conference. Perhaps that, and

> this discussion, will prompt someone to take that topic and run with it.


> Cheers



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I am sure a good funding application from the OSMF for financial support to
promote cycling data gathering and/or host cycle maps would find some
takers. I have pretty good contacts into the UK cycling organisations (CTC,
Sustrans, Cycle England, etc) and also contacts with other potential funders
who could be interested in supporting such a project. I will be speaking to
people from both CTC and Sustans at the Big Green Gathering from Aug 1st-5th
(and will also be promoting OSM).











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