[OSM-talk] buildings

Dave Stubbs osm.list at randomjunk.co.uk
Wed Jul 25 12:22:43 BST 2007

> As I mentioned at the SOTM, in the long run 'Mapnik Illustrator' is
> something that would facilitate custom maps/styles creation and will lower
> entry barrier significantly. This can be a fun project, anyone likes qt4
> coding?

Wasn't at SOTM: this is a visual mapnik style editor?
Does any code actually exist for this as yet, or is it just an idea?

> We have these building in db:
>         building          | count
> ---------------------------+-------
>  <snip vast numbers of buildings>
> Shall we render all of them with the same stroke/fill ?

Might be useful to render different classes of building in different
colours, ie: educational buildings in blue, leisure in green,
government in pink, and otherwise a generic pale yellow. Or similar to
the landuse colours.

That's probably require a slightly more rational building tag use
though. Do we know if the building attributes tags are actually being
used by people?

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