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Artem Pavlenko artem at mapnik.org
Wed Jul 25 12:58:13 BST 2007

On 25 Jul 2007, at 12:22, Dave Stubbs wrote:

>> As I mentioned at the SOTM, in the long run 'Mapnik Illustrator' is
>> something that would facilitate custom maps/styles creation and  
>> will lower
>> entry barrier significantly. This can be a fun project, anyone  
>> likes qt4
>> coding?
> Wasn't at SOTM: this is a visual mapnik style editor?

> Does any code actually exist for this as yet, or is it just an idea?

There is a viewer,  which given  osm.xml file creates a map which you  
can pan/zoom/query/export to image ...
You can try it out by downloading  : http:// 
artem.dev.openstreetmap.org/files/osm-linux.iso , burning a CD and  
booting ...
Then just double click on Viewer icon.

You can also render any area from live OSM db (bounding box  
restrictions will apply the same way as in JOSM) :

root at slax:~# mapnik_at_work.py    // then follow the instructions e.g  
give it  uk postcode or bounding box.

The above can be useful if you just uploaded new data and you want to  
see how it'll look on the map.

What is missing is a GUI to edit osm.xml file in the user friendly  
way and see your changes applied - just like Illustrator or similar  

>> We have these building in db:
>>         building          | count
>> ---------------------------+-------
>>  <snip vast numbers of buildings>
>> Shall we render all of them with the same stroke/fill ?
> Might be useful to render different classes of building in different
> colours, ie: educational buildings in blue, leisure in green,
> government in pink, and otherwise a generic pale yellow. Or similar to
> the landuse colours.

OK, I thought we can get away with just a one style but no: ) . The  
best way probably modify osm2pgsql to assign building values for all  
known (official) types  and set buillding = 'yes' for the rest  ???
> That's probably require a slightly more rational building tag use
> though. Do we know if the building attributes tags are actually being
> used by people?

I'm trying to find out this as well.
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