[OSM-talk] Potlatch and the destruction of good work (N6 Ireland)

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Jul 26 10:04:37 BST 2007


>>> No, honestly, this is something we also need - a way to stick  
>>> "editing
>>> notes" like post-its onto our maps so that others editing in the  
>>> same
>>> area can be alerted to something you want them to know.
>> Sounds nice:
>> 	postit="please don't break my roads" ;-)
> isn't the k=note tag something like that? - maybe editors or even
> renderers could view them on the map?

It could probably be used for this but frankly, I would be a bit  
unhappy to find tons of new areas created where I am mapping which  
just serve as a "note" (and nodes won't to as you cannot properly  
show for which area the note is valid, leading to same-content nodes  
strewn all over large areas etc). This could perhaps be alleviated by  
tuning the mappaint plugin but still I believe it would be a hassle  
when editing.

I envisage a separate server for metadata (no reason to clutter OSM  
database history with things like "went here but gate was closed,  
someone should come back when gate is open" that are subsequently  
removed), where an editor can, if it so desires, request a bounding  
box and get back a number of "post-its" plus areas they're referring  
to, and then let the user read (or add to) the text on the note. One  
of those cool things...


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