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> Hi All,


> http://www.gravitystorm.co.uk/osm/ has been updated with this week's

> planet file. (Actually was done on Wednesday). New routes have

> appeared in South Wales, the N23 extended north of Basingstoke, the

> N75 through Greenock (that was me!), N3 in Bristol and N1 north of

> Ipswich.



Yup, after your maps appeared I was motivated to tag more the network, and I
then spent some happy hours today pushing N1 further north from Ipswich,
cycling 40 miles in the process; OSM has a lot to answer for :) I will be
pushing N51 west next and be tagging both N1 and N51 through Felixstowe when
I meet the local Sustrans people on Monday evening.


As I mentioned earlier, I have already discussed OSM with the IT guys from
Sustrans (at Glastonbury) and they are interested; we will both be at the
Big Green Gathering next week (I will be showing OSM as part of the
'Transport Action' tent) and will show them the progress we have made in the
mean time which is considerable! What we really need now is for Sustrans to
promote OSM to their members, many of whom will already have GPX data for
routes and will be happy for an excuse to get on their bikes. Updating the
map each week is a key motivator, keep it up.


In the mean time, it would be great if other people can get started on
adding the Sustrans routes in their areas. Btw, as you survey the Sustrans
routes do take pictures and add then to the 'ncn' Flickr Group which is very




A few comments about the rendering; it is now much much better, thanks.
Would it now make sense to also tone down the NCN and Local cycle routes as
well; the bright red and bright blue now seem a bit OTT? Also, would it be
possible to render the cycle routes using normal black casing and a body of
the appropriate colour rather than the wide overlay. The national routes
would then be rendered a lot link the primary network and local routes in a
blue like the motorway network (btw, blue is the colour the council use
locally for signed cycle route, I think it is the right colour to use).
Ordinary roads would be white (as they are) and major roads grey.


In time it would be great to use coloured casing colour to indicate cycle
lanes as they do on the TfL cycle maps, which are probably the ones to
emulate. Go to www.tfl.gov.uk <http://www.tfl.gov.uk/>  and click on
'advanced options' for the journey planner and select 'cycle' and give it a
route request. You end up with an excellent .pdf cycle map showing your
route. Notice the blue casing for cycle facilities (sometimes only on a
single side of the road), and also the yellow body for roads 'recommended by











> In addition, I made a many changes based on your feedback last week.

> Permalinks are available, for a start....


> http://www.gravitystorm.co.uk/osm/?lat=6698780.36233&lon=-

> 23122.83516&zoom=12&layers=B00


> Quick summary: Grayed out background map (with just a touch of

> colour), highlighting of other cycleways, shield spacing corrected,

> routes rendered above all else.


> Still more todo (http://www.gravitystorm.co.uk/shine/cycle-todo/) and

> I'd love to hear feedback.


> Cheers,

> Andy





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