[OSM-talk] Pedestrian crossings and barriers

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Sun Jul 29 09:34:27 BST 2007



The new cycle mapping is throwing up questions about crossing points along
roads which we are going to need to sort out.


On the Map Features page there is only a single sort of crossing available:
'highway=crossing'. On the GravityStorm page there is a proposed tag
'crossing=toucan', which makes sense but I don't believe it has been voted
on (forgive me if I am wrong).



There are actually a number of different types of crossing that need to be
accommodated and also, we should avoid 'UK-centric' language ('Toucan' is a
UK name for a signalised crossing for pedestrians and cyclists).


Note: I am only talking about methods of crossing from one side of a busy
road to another. If there is a more elaborate set of paths and tunnels
required then footways and bridges etc should be encoded. An underpass for a
dual carriageway will need to be encoded as two tunnels and a footway etc.
For single carriageway roads we need to be able to encode for the following:


A zebra crossing (white lines on the road to help pedestrians cross)

A pelican/puffin crossing (an automatic signal controlled crossing for

A toucan crossing (a signal controlled crossing for pedestrians and

A An underpass for pedestrians 

An underpass (for pedestrians and/or cyclists)

A footbridge (for pedestrians and/or cyclists)

A refuge in the middle of the road

A 'lollipop crossing'

A Pegasus crossing (a signal controlled crossing for pedestrians, cyclists
and also horses)



There is a technical difference between a Pelican crossing and a Puffin
crossing (where did all those birds come from!) but I don't think we need
this at the top level. All these sorts of crossing are described here:



As well as all these crossing types we need a way of indicating that there
is actually some sort of barrier to pedestrians and cyclists crossing the
road wherever you feel like it, which might be a physical barrier in the
middle of the road, a barrier at the side of the pavement, or shear traffic


It may be appropriate to make the assumption that on primary, trunk and
motorways that crossing is not possible (unless tagged to the contrary), and
the for all other road classes it is (unless there is tagging to the


Any thoughts; and any suggestions about how we should tag this lot?









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