[OSM-talk] geotagged images in josm

Andy Robinson Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Jul 30 11:47:46 BST 2007

Luka Frelih wrote:
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>Subject: Re: [OSM-talk] geotagged images in josm
>wow, yes, it really works very well.
>i have set the time on the camera to utc some days ago (on intuition) so
>i didn't even have to set the timezone.
>thanks a lot for the instructions.
>naturally, now i have more questions (enhancement requests?):
>- is there some way yet to get the geotags out of the josm session
> a) into the exif tags of images?

That would be a very useful enhancement to JOSM, and could to be part of the
sync process, ie once the sync is made the lat/lon is written to the exif of
each image. Currently I do this manually for the batch of photos using the
WWMX Location Stamper available from http://wwmx.org 

> b) into an .osm format file or data layer?
>and some "nitpicks" (as these issues can be worked around fairly easily)
>- the images have to be exif tagged, their file creation date or
>filename is not considered in getting the time information (filename
>sounds weird, i know, but it is more stable than ctime/mtime when
>copying around)
>- image files with extensions other than jpg (jpeg, for example) cannot
>be selected for import
>- images already online have to be downloaded first (in connection with
>question b above)
>Andy Robinson wrote:
>> Frederik Ramm wrote:
>>> Sent: 29 July 2007 8:19 AM
>>> To: Franc Carter
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>>> Subject: Re: [OSM-talk] geotagged images in josm
>>> Hi,
>>>> It's a standard feature, after you load a gpx trace in, there will be
>>>> option
>>>> in the layers menu to 'import images'.
>>> To clarify: The whole thing is about automatically matching images to
>>> GPS positions by comparing image timestamps and GPX times. It does not
>>> depend on tags at all (in fact, it works even without any OSM data
>> And to clarify one step further it's important to ensure the timestamps
>> the photos are synchronised with the gpx time. The easiest way do this by
>> taking a photo of your gps receiver displaying the time. Then once you
>> loaded your images into JOSM you right click the image layer and then hit
>> sync from the menu. This allows you to load the particular image you took
>> displaying the time and manually adjust the time to what is shown. I find
>> a lot easier to have the camera set for UTC since that's what my GARMIN
>> spewing out in the gpx trace. I find that my camera time goes off by
>about 1
>> second a day so I have to generally make this sync correction each day I
>> edit.
>> Note that none of your photos might appear in JOSM if there is no match
>> the GPX timings (ie the layer shows up but none of the little picture
>> show with your gpx trace). They will all align correctly once the sync
>> process is made properly.
>> Note also that some cameras do not record the time precisely enough (ie
>> seconds) which generally makes it pretty much useless for this process.
>> Once you get it working it is really worthwhile. I take around one
>> photograph a minute when urban mapping and I'd really be stuck without
>> excellent facility in JOSM.
>> Cheers
>> Andy
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