[OSM-talk] Pedestrian crossings and barriers

Tom Chance tom at acrewoods.net
Sun Jul 29 11:31:16 BST 2007

Andy Allan wrote:
> On 7/29/07, Tom Chance <tom at acrewoods.net> wrote:
>> If you're so lost that you
>> need to know it's a toucan rather than a pelican crossing I submit that
>> you should have read the map better in the first place =)
> I disagree. Take the following place:
> http://www.gravitystorm.co.uk/osm/?lat=6704522.69283&lon=-18328.80133&zoom=15&layers=B00
> Heading west on route 37, it looks at first like you have to do a left
> onto Latchmere Road, and then a right onto a cycleway. Many people
> would dislike doing an immediate right turn across what is potentially
> (and actually is!) a busy primary road. However, there is a toucan
> crossing out of sight from where you approach Latchmere road. If you
> know it's there, you can assume that the cycle route is actually along
> the pavement on Latchmere road, and if you know that, you can spot the
> faint paint on the pavement. If it was marked as a generic crossing,
> that wouldn't help, and if it wasn't a toucan crossing, you could
> assume it was irrelevant. (not that I would render them on a cycle
> map...)
Can't you just get this with highway=crossing and cycle=yes, with the 
cycle lane and other parts properly tagged? If we can assume that 
crossings are usually just for pedestrians, that is. My point was that I 
don't see why we need to know it's called a toucan crossing, we just 
need to know what/where it is, and who can use it.

>> One
>> question to resolve is the difference between traffic_signals and
>> crossing, since I've been using the former for pelican crossings and the
>> latter for zebra crossings.
> I thought traffic_signals were for vehicular junctions - i.e. both
> pelican and zebra would fall under highway=crossing, but two roads
> meeting at lights would be traffic_signals. Again, something that
> needs clarification on the wiki?
I think Mike Collinson was right on this one, ideally you'd have 
something like highway=crossing;traffic_signals. I'm going on the 
assumption that it's pretty rare to get traffic lights on UK roads 
(excepting motorway/trunk links) without a pedestrian crossing. 
Alternatively you'd put traffic_signals at the node where the roads 
meet, and several nodes a little down each way to mark where the lights 
(and crossing points) actually are.

Here's what I do at the moment - a node for every light and crossing 
(switch to the Osmarender layer):

It works well where you have lots of lights in silly, complicated 
junctions (this junction is incomplete but you can see them filling up):

David Earl seems to have been going for the second alternative in 
Camrbridge, with the central node marked as signals, though crossings 
aren't rendered:

Kind regards,

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