[OSM-talk] Pedestrian crossings and barriers

Cameron Patrick cameron at patrick.wattle.id.au
Sun Jul 29 14:05:01 BST 2007

Peter Miller wrote:

> Btw, I am adding 'highway=traffic_signal' tags to junction nodes where the
> vehicle traffic is controlled by lights. At some time I may include nodes
> for the actual light columns which might be interesting for some simulations
> in the future. Personally I don't really like the icon used for a signalised
> junction. The 3 lights don't 'sit' very well on the junction. Possibly
> someone will come up with a better icon at some point.

In my experimental maps of Australia, I've used a transparent orange
circle on the intersection.  Look along e.g. Stirling Highway in the
middle of this map:

What are people doing for traffic lights on junctions of dual
carriageways?  I've been placing a node in the middle of the
intersection, not sitting on any of ways involved, which renders nicely
but lacks semantic information for route planners.


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