[OSM-talk] Pedestrian crossings and barriers

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Sun Jul 29 13:53:43 BST 2007

I agree with Allan. I suggest we maintain 'crossing=highway' for a
non-specific pedestrian crossing and the proposed tags for more specific
ones which matter a lot to some people, such as the council highways
engineers. Also, many parents will be a lot happier with their kids using a
signal controlled crossing than a traffic refuge. Finally, in future people
may wish to produce life-like visualisations of the network, and would use
different rendering for the different types of crossing.

I am tagging up east Ipswich with these tags and will upload them as soon as
the DB maintenance is complete.

Btw, I am adding 'highway=traffic_signal' tags to junction nodes where the
vehicle traffic is controlled by lights. At some time I may include nodes
for the actual light columns which might be interesting for some simulations
in the future. Personally I don't really like the icon used for a signalised
junction. The 3 lights don't 'sit' very well on the junction. Possibly
someone will come up with a better icon at some point.


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> On 7/29/07, Tom Chance <tom at acrewoods.net> wrote:
> > Can't you just get this with highway=crossing and cycle=yes, with the
> > cycle lane and other parts properly tagged? If we can assume that
> > crossings are usually just for pedestrians, that is.
> I dislike all these hidden assumptions. Should we mark all pelican
> crossings as cycle=no? If we don't, then how do we mark crossings that
> we zipped past in a car without noticing that it was a pelican or
> toucan? highway=crossing, cycle=undefined?
> > My point was that I
> > don't see why we need to know it's called a toucan crossing, we just
> > need to know what/where it is, and who can use it.
> I'd rather if it was a spade, I called it a spade, rather than
> tool=hand, move_dirt=yes. It seems simpler to me.
> crossing=toucan is no less international-unfriendly than
> highway=motorway, but everyone gets along fine without autobahn,
> autoroute, freeway etc.
> Cheers,
> Andy

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