[OSM-talk] Cycle mapping

Karl Eichwalder ke at gnu.franken.de
Sun Jul 29 14:05:10 BST 2007

> I am using the regulation 'bicycle_parking' tag for now. I will add the
> number of places to them using a suitable tag. Is there one that is used
> for car parking I wonder? Any suggestions from anyone? or I will use
> the tag
> 'capacity' which is pretty general and could be applied to parking, a
> theatre, stadium etc etc.

Why do you need the numbers? ;)  Here in Germany we have bicycle_parking
with just 6 or 8 places and there you will always find a free place
nevertheless, while big areas (20-100 places) are crowed most of the
time, esp. nearby universities as you might imagine.

But counting the places does not hurt, of course.

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