[OSM-talk] Database Maintenance

Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Sun Jul 29 17:39:01 BST 2007

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          Jon Bright <jon at siliconcircus.com> wrote:

> Tom Hughes wrote:
> > All I can tell you is that there are two ALTER TABLE statements
> > still running (for current_nodes and current_segments). Unfortunately
> > there is (as far as I can tell) no way to monitor their progress and
> > see how far they have got.
> If we're talking about MySQL and those are MyISAM tables

They're InnoDB...

> If it's postgres, or if those are (as I suspect) InnoDB tables, then I
> also have no clue how to monitor the progress.  Possibly something shows
> up in "show table status" or "show innodb status"?

I don't have privs for "show innodb status" unfortunately, and
there is no sign of the temporary tables it is copying to in
the "show table status" output so I can't see how big they are
relative to the originals :-(


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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