[OSM-talk] Cycle mapping

David Earl david at frankieandshadow.com
Sun Jul 29 18:20:47 BST 2007

On 29/07/2007 11:50, Andy Allan wrote:
> On 7/29/07, OJW <streetmap at blibbleblobble.co.uk> wrote:
>> Does it still not render bridleways?  Most of the cycle routes in my area are
>> tagged as bridleway
> My bad - the only bridleways in my test area (that I re-render when
> tweaking styles) are the horse bits through Richmond Park - and being
> sandy aren't for cycling on. I forgot bridleways are more common
> elsewhere.
> On the todo.
>> (of course, I haven't got any tags for the ones which are impassable by bikes,
>> other than hazard=mud ;) http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/87013
> Yeah, we should make some legal/practical distinctions. I'd like to
> render ways that are "good" for cycling on!

Absolutely! Bridleways are legal to cycle on in the UK, but not always 
practical. So showing them prominently but differently would be good.

Mind you that's also true for many cycleways,though it is subjective 
judgement. Norwich seems to have this wonderful idea that cobbled 
streets make ideal cycle routes. Cambridge has a legacy of days when 
they thought it was sufficient to just put a sign on pavement to make it 
a cycleway, when often it wasn't adequate for walking on, let alone cycling.


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