[OSM-talk] Cycle mapping

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Sun Jul 29 19:10:19 BST 2007

Speak for yourself! Outside the main library in Ipswich there is parking for
6 bikes, and often a queue for them.

The local council, to their credit, have allocated £100K over two years to
put in a lot more and the first thing to do is an audit (which is what we
are helping them with at the moment). Tags are not compulsory of coruse, but
'capacity' seems like a good general purpose tag for all sorts of features
including cycle racks.

I notice from Map Features that a bicycle park can be point, line or area
features, which will normal give enough of a clue as to the capacity. I
think we are agreeing that for normal cycle maps we don't need to render the
capacity. My main request was to render a simple feature onto the map to
show that there was a rack there. That will make me happy. Actually I am
happy already :)



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> On 29/07/2007 14:05, Karl Eichwalder wrote:
> >> I am using the regulation 'bicycle_parking' tag for now. I will add the
> >> number of places to them using a suitable tag. Is there one that is
> used
> >> for car parking I wonder? Any suggestions from anyone? or I will use
> >> the tag
> >> 'capacity' which is pretty general and could be applied to parking, a
> >> theatre, stadium etc etc.
> >
> > Why do you need the numbers? ;)  Here in Germany we have bicycle_parking
> > with just 6 or 8 places and there you will always find a free place
> > nevertheless, while big areas (20-100 places) are crowed most of the
> > time, esp. nearby universities as you might imagine.
> >
> > But counting the places does not hurt, of course.
> I'm not sure it would be practical to mark all cycle parking in
> Cambridge, there is a vast amount in small groups, though there are some
> key places, and it is useful to show where in a vast supermarket car
> park the bikes stands are: my local Tesco, for example, has some 60
> spaces round the side of the store. There are a few bigger places, like
> the 70+ space cycle store in Park Street, and the 500 space cycle park
> which is opening in the new Grand Arcade shopping centre in September.
> David

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