[OSM-talk] Map Features / International

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Jul 31 11:59:09 BST 2007


> A lot of the cultural problems would go away if map features was less
> prescriptive. Not all obviously, but it would be a start, and the
> stags stuff might make the rest slightly easier if it suggests some
> kind of structure for this kind of thing.

True - we insiders know that you can basically tag whatever you want  
and that Map Features *is not* prescriptive, and once you know the  
system a bit, you know where it makes sense to deviate from what  
others do and where you'd perhaps better just go along.

> So yes, it needs to be a *lot* clearer on that page that what's shown
> is a suggestion only.


I noted little check marks saying "approved feature" or so popping up  
on Map Features - what's with them= Result of a discussion I missed?


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