[OSM-talk] Problems with tunnel rendering

Dermot McNally dermotm at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 13:43:12 BST 2007


I recently cleaned up the River Lee road tunnel in Cork city:


The cleanup was required because the original mapper had creatively
created a collection of split ways so as to cause the thing to render
as a dashed roadway. Oh dear.

Anyway, this is the first tunnel I've created that crosses coastline,
and I'm not that happy with how it renders on osmarender. You'll see
that its "tunnelness" is only apparent on land. where it crosses water
it's completely invisible.

This is probably worth fixing in its own right, but my particular fear
is that the original mapper may come back and "fix" it back to the
form that gave the results he expected :-)

Has this arisen before? Mapnik doesn't concern itself with tunnels at
all, does it?


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