[OSM-talk] note= vs note=

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Tue Jul 31 14:18:09 BST 2007

This is kind of a 'Proposed Features' point, but I'm unhelpfully only  
identifying a problem rather than a solution, because I'm not enough  
of a tag guru to do the latter:

The "note" tag appears to be used for two purposes.

Sometimes, it's general information about the node/way in question  
which doesn't fit into the existing tagspace. For example, "note=built  
in 1785", or "note=formerly a tunnel, now opened out", or "note=my  
mate Dave was sick here".

Other times, it's a surveyor's note. For example: "note=formerly  
tertiary but there's no way anything more than a small car could fit  
down here", "note=I've done this from memory so the road number might  
be wrong", "note=you should draw tunnels as a solid line and use these  
tags, don't draw the dashes individually", etc.

The former might often be rendered on a public-facing map (maybe as a  
tooltip for a webmap), the latter shouldn't be.

I think it'd be really helpful to differentiate the two tags. info= vs  
tag=, maybe?


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