[OSM-talk] City Walls

Mike Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Thu Mar 1 02:57:50 GMT 2007

At 04:36 AM 27/02/2007, Laurence Penney wrote:
>The first two examples remind me I've been meaning to ask if there are
>any plans to create a historic OSM. As if this planet, now, is not enough.

Sorry for the delay in answering this.  There is a small group 
(Holland based?) embarking on something similar.  I've corresponded 
with them but I think my Eudora is not indexing properly and I just 
can't find the contact info.

My personal take is that the framework of OSM itself is indeed the 
perfect springboard for such an enterprise but only when it is more 
mature.  Another year may be?  The present move away from just GPS as 
an input method, for example, is very encouraging.

I'd be delighted to participate later.

FYI, http://www.mugeum.com - little at a tangent, but may be of interest.


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