[OSM-talk] betatesting updated Osm at Home client with Osmarender4 and Beziercurve hinting.

J.D. Schmidt jdsmobile at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 07:27:17 GMT 2007

Currently betatesting an updated Osm at Home client, which uses 
Osmarender4, and the Lines2Curves.pl SVG Beziercurve conversion.

All maps on the citybrowser page rendered by me and by Higgy after 28 
Feb 2007, 22:35 UTC, has been rendered with the new client.
The stylesheet is still the old stylesheet used by the old client, but 
will be tweaked during this weekend.

Known issues so far :

A) If the data contains a zerolenght segment and that segment is part of 
a way, the Lines2Curves.pl script will exit without piping data into the 
output.svg file, which therefor has a zero lenght. The O at H client then 

Quickfix being tested now : If output.svg is zero lenght, copy  the 
temp.svg read by Lines2Curves.pl to output.svg, thereby rendering the 
place data without the subtle Beziercurve hinting used otherwise.

Best fix would be making Lines2Curves.pl disregard any segments with a 
zero lenght.

J.D. Schmidt

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