[OSM-talk] betatesting updated Osm at Home client with Osmarender4 and Beziercurve hinting.

Barry Crabtree barry.crabtree at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 07:51:20 GMT 2007


Currently betatesting an updated Osm at Home client, which uses
> Osmarender4, and the Lines2Curves.pl SVG Beziercurve conversion.
> All maps on the citybrowser page rendered by me and by Higgy after 28
> Feb 2007, 22:35 UTC, has been rendered with the new client.
> The stylesheet is still the old stylesheet used by the old client, but
> will be tweaked during this weekend.
> Known issues so far :
> A) If the data contains a zerolenght segment and that segment is part of
> a way, the Lines2Curves.pl script will exit without piping data into the
> output.svg file, which therefor has a zero lenght. The O at H client then
> exits.

Are you using the lastest version - I checked in an updated version
yesterday that I hoped had fixed the zero-lenght segment problem (and a
bunch of others!).

Cheers. Baz

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