[OSM-talk] betatesting updated Osm at Home client with Osmarender4 and Beziercurve hinting.

J.D. Schmidt jdsmobile at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 09:43:22 GMT 2007

Roozbeh Pournader skrev:
> On 3/1/07, J.D. Schmidt <jdsmobile at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Currently betatesting an updated Osm at Home client, which uses
>> Osmarender4, and the Lines2Curves.pl SVG Beziercurve conversion.
> Hi. I wanted to add Tehran (which we are mapping) to the list of
> cities on Osm at Home, but cannot find the process for that. Would you
> please guide me?
> Roozbeh

Add a node in the citycenter, and add the following tags to that node :

and wikipedia=url_to_wikipediapage

Then it will be automatically added to the places rendered, next time 
almien updates the places list.
Work is in progress to automate it, so it is automatically updated 
everytime a new planet.osm comes out.

J.D. "Dutch" Schmidt

P.S. please remember to send the mail to the Talk list too.

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